Vines and wreaths – the heritage of the Treloars

It is well known that Francis Treloar was a busy and significant figure in the Clare Valley in the 1800’s. Perhaps less well known are the accomplishments of his wife, Sarah Treloar.

In addition to bearing and raising ten children between the years of 1850 and 1872, we have recently discovered that Sarah created a wreath from the first haircuts of these children.

Whilst nowadays some may find this a little macabre, apparently such wreaths were quite popular in Victorian times and we think it is an impressive artefact.

The restoration of the wreath was organised in 1998 by Francis’ great grandson, Geoffrey John Treloar, and it is currently on loan to the Art Gallery of South Australia, from the Mt Horrocks Historical Society.

Floral wreath made from human hair
Wreath of hair, created by Sarah Treloar, c 1880