Watervale makes Top 10

Penna Lane are very excited to have two Rieslings in Adelaide Review’s ‘Hot 100 Wines’ for 2016/17.

The 2015 Watervale Riesling has made the Top 10 and the 2015 Skilly Valley Riesling also features in the list of 100.

From the judges’ notes for the Watervale:

Quite an exotic nose, with a definite rainwater character, that is made complex by some classic lime backed up by delicate passionfruit notes. Built in a classic style, round but with good acidity and a mouth-watering finish.

There was lots of hilarity and enthusiasm at the very enjoyable Awards Dinner—courtesy of the girls from the Majestic Hotel—and we were also thrilled that a Clare wine took out the no. 1 spot—Mr Mick’s 2015 Novo Sangiovese. Congratulations to the winemakers, Tim Adams and Brett Schutz.

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Promotional photo of bottle of Watervale Riesling and Peter Treloar