More bling for the 2019 Skilly

The 2019 Skilly Valley Riesling has won an Elite Gold at the Canberra International Riesling Challenge 2019. Elite Golds are awarded to wines that score 96 points or above in their class. 

This award is hard on the heels of a gold medal and the Mick Knappstein trophy for the 2019 Skilly at the Clare Wine Show. The Mick Knappstein trophy is awarded to the Best Current Vintage Riesling in show.

Which makes the 2019 Skilly Valley Riesling our most awarded wine to date!

Four Elite Golds were awarded at the Canberra International Riesling Challenge in Class 1 (Current Vintage 2019–Dry). The Penna Lane Skilly Valley Riesling was the only one of these from the Clare Valley.

The Riesling Challenge attracts wines from Riesling producing countries around the world and is the most significant event of its type in the southern hemisphere.

List of Elite Gold winners